Arizona Real Estate License Requirements & Costs – 2023

Arizona Real Estate License Requirements and Costs

In this article, we highlight the entire process of getting a real estate sales license in Arizona. It will also cover vital Arizona Real Estate License requirements that must be met to obtain a real estate license in this state.

After you get your Arizona real estate license and get a few years of experience, you could also consider becoming an Arizona real estate broker. Becoming a broker in Arizona has some different licensing requirements and we will cover those in this article as well.

The requirements we have outlined below are important to know before setting out to know. However, it is a good idea to know about these prerequisites before beginning.

What Are The Prerequisites Needed to Get Your Arizona Real Estate License?

Every Arizona real estate license applicant must:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Obtain a fingerprint card from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS).
  • Provide ADRE with proof of legal presence (using that link, scroll down to “Licensees,” then see “Legal Presence”).
  • Fill out a Disciplinary Actions Disclosure (LI-214/244) and, if necessary, a Disclosure Document Checklist (LI-400)

What Are the Real Estate License Requirements In Arizona?

1. Complete the 90-hour Arizona Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

Arizona requires real estate sales agents to complete 90 hours of pre-license coursework and then sit for their exams. In addition, the Arizona Department of Real Estate requires licensees to complete a 6-hour Contract Writing Class.

The majority of people prefer to complete their pre-license education courses online. Most online courses are self-paced and include study materials such as real estate practice exams and flashcards. These benefits will depend on the education provider and the package you choose.

The objective of this course is to prepare you to pass your exam and become a better agent.

Recommended Arizona Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

State Requirement recommends the Arizona CE Shop Pre-licensing course for real estate license exam courses and study tools. You can read the CE Shop reviews on our website.

Two other popular Arizona real estate pre-licensing schools include the Arizona School of Real Estate and Aceable Agent. We also have an Aceable Agent reviews article on our website.

Arizona is one of the states that require the final pre-license exam to be supervised by a proctor.

A real estate pre-licensing exam is not the same as a state exam. Your pre-license education company provides a pre-license test. It validates the fact that you have completed and effectively retained the information from your pre-license education course.

The pre-license test is closed-book and closed-note. It allows you to use a basic-function calculator and scratch paper but prohibits the use of cell phones and outside internet access.

When you take this test in your home, you must have a proctor overseeing you when sitting for the test. When purchasing your real estate pre-license course, it is important to check if a proctor is included in your education package.

2. Get Your Arizona Fingerprinting and Background Check

Following the submission of your pre-licensing hours, you must complete your fingerprinting and background check. Before becoming a licensed real estate agent in Arizona, the Arizona Department of Real Estate requires all applicants to undergo a background check.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety issues Fingerprint Clearance Cards (FCC) (DPS).

You must fill out a Fingerprint Clearance Card application and be fingerprinted. Following fingerprinting, you must follow the instructions on the Regular (non-IVP) Fingerprint Clearance Application Form.

The cost for completing your Arizona fingerprinting checks through the DPS is usually around $67.

The background check process will begin once you have completed your fingerprints and submitted them.

Any findings in your background report will be reviewed by the Arizona Department of Real Estate to ensure your eligibility. Here, they may contact you to provide additional information or documentation to clear up any potential areas of dispute.

For those with criminal offenses or judgments against them, there’s a possibility they may not be eligible for a real estate license in Arizona. They should complete and submit an Arizona Disciplinary Actions Disclosure Form (LI-214/244) to address this issue.

3. Complete The Arizona 6-Hour Contract Writing Course

ADRE further requires that students complete a 6-hour Contract Writing or Introduction to Contract Writing Course. Usually, this can be completed 100% online.

The Arizona 6-hour contract writing course is also available at The CE Shop.

4. Take The Arizona Real Estate License Exam.

It’s time to take the Arizona Real Estate License Exam after you’ve completed your fingerprinting and background check.

The cost of taking the State of Arizona real estate licensing exam is typically around $75 per attempt.

The Arizona Real Estate Salesperson Exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions. You will have 300 minutes to finish the exam.

The passing score for the Arizona Real Estate Salesperson Exam is set at 135/180.

After completing your exam, you will be issued a scoring document that shows whether you passed or failed. If it is marked “Fail,” you will see a breakdown of your score in the different exam areas where you flopped. However, you can retake the exam.

How Hard is the Arizona Real Estate Exam?

The Arizona Real Estate Salesperson Exam has a 75 percent pass rate. It is a considerably hard exam. Paying attention during your Arizona pre-license course can put you in a good position to ace this test on your first attempt!

You can potentially decrease the stress you may have about passing the exam by taking an Arizona real estate exam prep course. You will just feel much better prepared and more confident.

Take a look at our PrepAgent reviews and Exam Scholar reviews to learn more about these two popular Arizona real estate exam prep courses. Compucram exam prep is another option although we prefer the first two options.

You can register for the Arizona exam on the Pearson Vue Arizona Real Estate page. There are many helpful resources like the Candidate Handbook and Arizona Real Estate Salesperson Exam Content Outline.

Salesperson license applicants are required to apply for a license within one year of passing this examination.

5. Pass The Pearson Vue® Arizona Real Estate Exam (Official Exam)

After passing the school exam, you will receive a certificate that qualifies you to take the Pearson Vue® AZ Real Estate Sales exam.

Arizona Real Estate Application Reviews

After passing your exam, you must wait for your background report to return as a “pass.” This process typically takes 5-10 business days, after which you will receive an email from ADRE containing a license document.

6. Find An Arizona Real Estate Brokerage Firm to Work For

As a salesperson, you must work for a designated broker (DB). It is a necessary step for you to take if you want to work as a real estate salesperson in Arizona in the near future.

7. Register Your Real Estate License with The Arizona Department of Real Estate.

The next step requires you to submit your application to ADRE. The first time you receive your initial Real Estate License in Arizona, it will be in an “inactive” status. What this means is that you cannot conduct any real estate business until it becomes active.

To “activate” your license, you must be sponsored by an Arizona-licensed real estate broker. The Designated Broker you want to hire must access the ADRE online system to approve the hire before you can begin conducting your real estate activities.

Arizona Real Estate License Requirements FAQs

How Long Does Arizona Real Estate School Take?

Real estate school can be completed in about 14 days! Here, students can take up their real estate exams, and should they find a designated brokerage to work with fast. They can be licensed in just about three weeks!

Students who opt for studying in the evenings or on the weekend can usually complete their entire licensing process in about six weeks.

What Is the Cost of an Arizona Real Estate License?

The cost of a real estate license in Arizona is broken into two government fees and school fees, as depicted below.

Arizona State and Testing Fees:

  • Pearson VUE Testing Examination Fee: $75
  • State Original License Fee: $50
  • State Real Estate Recovery Fee: $10
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety Finger Print Clearance Card Fee: $67
  • Total Government Fees: $202

Arizona Real Estate Schools Normally Charge for Your:

  • 90-Hour Pre-License Course
  • School Exam Fee
  • Arizona Contract Writing Course

The amount of fees is determined by the real estate school you choose. Here is an example of the fees charged by The CE Shop for the Arizona pre-licensing course:

9-Hour Arizona Pre-License Course: $495.20 (The CE Shop price)
6-Hour Arizona Contract Writing Course: Included in the package cost.

Total Arizona Real Estate School Cost: $495.20 to $580 depending on the course package chosen.

Arizona Real Estate School Cost

Based on this example, an aspiring Arizona real estate agent will be charged a total cost of $202+ $495.20 = $697.20

Settling on the best real estate school will require you to scout different schools and establish their classroom size and instructional quality and not just depend on the pricing as the distinguishing factor.

You can also compare the CE Shop Arizona pre-licensing costs with AceableAgent, and the Arizona School of Real Estate.

How long will it take to obtain an Arizona Real Estate License?

The two steps that take the most time to get your license are pre-license education and test preparation. The average duration that people take to get their Arizona real estate license is generally about 3 to 6 months.

Dedicating a full-time schedule to this process can allow you to complete the process in 2 months.

Will you need to get a specific Arizona Commercial Real Estate License?

To sell commercial real estate in Arizona, you will need a standard Salesperson license or Broker license. There is no such thing as a “commercial real estate license.”

If you plan on taking a career selling a specific type of commercial real estate, you can choose a broker that handles the types of transactions that you want to be a part of.

What is the Cost of Becoming an Arizona Real Estate Agent?

If you’re thinking about starting a new career as an Arizona real estate agent, knowing the total cost is critical to avoid unexpected expenses. To become an Arizona real estate agent, applicants must be at least 18 years old and pay $135 for the license alone. However, these people should be aware that other additional costs may be.

An applicant seeking to become a licensed Arizona real estate agent must complete the following requirements:

  • 90 hours of approved real estate education
  • The Arizona Salesperson Real Estate exam
  • A contract writing class
  • Fingerprint clearance card from the Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • A background check

Considering all these requirements, the total cost to become an Arizona real estate salesperson comes to at least $700.

The breakdown of these Arizona Real Estate License costs is shown below:

  • The Cost of Arizona Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education is approximately $400-600
  • The Cost to Take the Arizona Real Estate Licensing Exam for first-time licensees is $135
  • The Cost for Arizona real estate agent fingerprinting is $67

The examination cost for an Arizona real estate salesperson license is $75, with an additional $60 for a first-time license (Original License Fee: $50; Real Estate Recovery Fund Fee: $10).

The Arizona real estate exam covers both general real estate knowledge and knowledge specific to Arizona. Before receiving their real estate license, an Arizona real estate salesperson must also complete a six-hour continuing education contract writing course.

What Is the Cost of Obtaining Fingerprinting for Real Estate Agents in Arizona?

The cost for Arizona real estate agent fingerprinting is $67

To get an Arizona real estate salesperson license, applicants must provide an Arizona fingerprint clearance card. The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) is in charge of issuing Fingerprint Clearance Cards (FCC).

Optional Arizona Real Estate Agent Costs

Cost: Ranges from $150–$500
Several additional fees are necessary to help you advance in your real estate career.

After receiving your Arizona Real Estate Salesperson license, you may wish to pursue the REALTOR designation. The National Association of REALTORS membership fee is $150.

A new Arizona, real estate salesperson may also wish to join the Arizona Association of REALTORS. Joining either of these organizations offers you unlimited networking opportunities and resources that you will find valuable as you work on building your career.

Arizona Real Estate License Requirements – Conclusion

There are a lot of requirements and associated costs that every aspiring real estate agent needs to satisfy before launching their career. Our post gives them valuable insight into the hurdles they need to navigate before they get their desired operating license!

Learn about the Real Estate License Requirements for a different U.S. state or get started with your education at one of the popular online real estate schools.

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