Missouri Real Estate License Requirements

Missouri real estate license requirements

In this article you’ll learn the steps you will need to take to meet the Missouri real estate license requirements. We will also cover the costs to get your Missouri real estate license and answer some of the common licensing FAQs.

Keep reading from start to finish or you can select a specific topic from our table of contents below.

Do You Meet the MREC Prerequisite Requirements?

Missouri Real Estate Commission Licensing Requirements

The Missouri Real Estate Commission’s (MREC) primary duty is to ensure that all Missouri agents are competent, qualified, and legally allowed to work in the state. They’ve established some fundamental requirements that all aspiring Missouri real estate agents must meet.

Fortunately, the vast majority of the Missouri Real Estate license prerequisite requirements are straightforward. You must be 18 years old, a US citizen, and possess a high school diploma or equivalent.

Missouri Real Estate License Requirements

Assuming you meet the basic prerequisites listed above, here are the steps you will need to take to get your Missouri real estate license.

Step 1: Complete 72 Hours of Approved, Missouri Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education

To begin, you must successfully complete a 72-hour Missouri Real Estate Commission-approved pre-licensing course. To pass, your real estate exam score must be 75% or higher.

The 72-Hour Missouri Real Estate Pre-Licensing Requirements Includes Two Courses:

  • A 48-hour Salesperson Pre-Exam course
  • A Real Estate Practice Course (24-Hour)

Before you can apply to take the Missouri state licensing exam you will need to complete the 48-hour Salesperson Pre-Examination course and 24-hour practice course.

The majority of people opt to take Missouri Real Estate pre-licensing courses at their own pace through an online real estate school. This course includes study materials such as real estate practice exams and flashcards. Each course provider will provide you with unique benefits and packages.

What Are Some Accredited Online Missouri Real Estate Pre-Licensing Schools?

Based on our research we recommend these Missouri real estate schools:

  1. Colibri Real Estate School Missouri Pre-Licensing
  2. The CE Shop Missouri Real Estate School

Remember that the goal of these courses is to prepare you to ace your Missouri real estate exam and become a better agent, not just to fulfill a requirement.

The final pre-license exam in Missouri is not required to be proctored, and it is also critical to understand that the pre-licensing course exam and the state exam are not the same. This test is administered by your pre-license education provider and serves as proof that you have completed and comprehended the information in your pre-license education course.

The only thing it has in common with the state exam is that it is supposed to be closed-book and closed-note. You will be permitted to use a basic-function calculator as well as scratch paper.

Step 2: Take and Pass the State of Missouri Real Estate Exam

It’s now time to take the Missouri Real Estate Exam after you’ve completed your pre-license education.

You can register for the Missouri real estate license exam through PSI.

The Missouri Real Estate Exam consists of 140 multiple-choice questions, 100 for the National section and 40 for the State section. You will have 240 minutes (4 hours) to finish the exam.

The Missouri Real Estate Licensing Exam requires a passing score of 70/100 on the National section and 30/40 on the State section.

The cost of taking the Missouri real estate exam is $62 for each attempt.

As soon as you are done with your exam, you will be given a scoring document indicating whether you passed or failed.

If it says “Fail,” you will be given a breakdown of your score in each section of the exam. This information is especially useful if you plan to retake the exam. You can use this information to help you prepare for the retake.

How Hard is the Missouri Real Estate Exam?

The Missouri Real Estate Salesperson Exam has a 70 percent pass rate. This exam is a little challenging! On the other hand, proper preparation can help you ace it on the first try!

We recommend taking one of the following real estate exam prep courses before taking the state exam:

On the PSI Missouri Real Estate page, you can register to take your exam. Additional resources, such as the Candidate Handbook and Content Outline, are available on this page.

Step 3: Submit Fingerprints and Complete a Background Check

After completing your examination, you will be fingerprinted and subjected to a background check. Before becoming a licensed real estate agent in Missouri, the Missouri Real Estate Commission requires all real estate license applicants to undergo a background check.

The first step is to register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History site before you can be fingerprinted by MREC vendor IdentoGO (MACHS). To register to be fingerprinted, you must provide the MREC’s four-digit registration number – 0004

The Missouri State Highway Patrol and the FBI will be authorized to forward the results to the Missouri Real Estate Commission.

The total cost of your fingerprinting services is $41.75.
This fee is divided into the following components:
• IdentoGO is $8.50; the FBI is $13.25, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol is $20.

The background check process will begin once you have completed and returned your fingerprints.

To ensure your eligibility, the Missouri Real Estate Commission will review any findings in your background report. During this process, they may contact you to request additional information or documentation in order to clarify any findings.

If you have a history of criminal offenses or judgments against you, you may be ineligible for a real estate license in Missouri. Section 1B of the Missouri real estate application must include information about previous criminal behavior.

If necessary, additional information should be included on a separate piece of paper. It should be noted that an applicant has the right to request an administrative hearing on the denial.

This application has a fee of $90. The application fee is $50, and the license is issued for $40 the first time.

Step 4: Fill out the Missouri Real Estate License Application

Following the successful submission of your fingerprints and a criminal history background check, you will be required to complete the application process for a license with the Missouri Division of Professional Registration (MDPR).

You can visit any of their offices between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Step 5: Find a Sponsoring Missouri Broker

Finally, you must locate a sponsoring Missouri real estate brokerage. You might need an experienced organization to show you the ropes when you first start out. Find sponsoring brokers that are eager to show you how.

They will not only provide you with all of the tools you need to begin making sales in Missouri, but they will also assist you in marketing yourself as an agent.

You’ll be able to pick a Missouri brokerage that you like, that focuses on a niche you’re interested in, has a company culture you like, and, most importantly, has a good commission rate, so your paycheck is attractive.

You have complete freedom in choosing your sponsoring broker. Here are the factors to look out for in choosing your broker:

• Commission Rate
When comparing Missouri brokerages, look at their commission rates. Your commission checks will be larger than life if they have a good rate.

• Niche
Perhaps you want a brokerage that focuses on a specific Missouri location or type of real estate such as commercial retail, single-family homes, or fixer-uppers. So, if you have a particular interest, you can find a broker who shares it.

• Culture
Perhaps the culture of the company is important to you. If so, learn about what they stand for, how they operate, and what is important to them.

Missouri Real Estate Application Review

Once you’ve passed your exam, you will only need to wait for your background report to come back as a pass. In most cases, this process should take between 5 business days. After this, you should receive an email from MREC with a license document.

How To Keep Your Missouri Real Estate License Active?

Every even-numbered year, all Missouri real estate licensees must renew their license by September 30. You can send in your application by mail or online.

Furthermore, you must complete 12 hours of Missouri continuing education courses during each two-year license period. A 3-hour core course in Real Estate Ethics is also required.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Missouri Real Estate License?

The cost of becoming a real estate agent in Missouri varies according to the cost of school tuition and the education program chosen by the student. On average, students should expect to pay between $350.00 and $800.00 to obtain their license.

• Missouri Pre-Licensing Course Tuition varies between $135.00 and $500.00
• Missouri Fingerprinting & Background Check Fees $43.05
• $90.00 License Application fee
• $62.00 Missouri examination fee

Does Missouri Have Real Estate License Reciprocity?

Missouri provides full reciprocity with all 50 states and has fewer requirements for licensed attorneys. The requirements for current out-of-state real estate licensees and attorneys are listed below.

  1. Active Real Estate Licensees from the Other States
    People with an active real estate license in another jurisdiction must complete the following steps to become a real estate salesperson.
  2. Finish the 24-Hour MREP course
  3. Out-of-state licensees must first complete the Missouri Real Estate Practice Course, which lasts 24 hours (MREP). On the other hand, active licensees are not required to take the 48-Hour Pre-License Course.
  4. Successfully completed the Missouri Real Estate Exam.
  5. Out-of-State licensees must pass both sections of the Missouri real estate exam.
  6. Submit an Application

    Licensees must complete the application within six months of passing their exam. Additionally, out-of-state licensees must submit a current license certification from the state’s real estate commission from which they are currently licensed.

Missouri Real Estate License Requirements for Licensed Attorneys

To obtain their license, attorneys must first complete the following steps:

  1. Pass the Missouri Real Estate Exam
  2. Pass both the national and state licensing exams.
  3. Fill out an application.

    Attorneys must apply within six months of passing their exam. Along with the application, they will be required to present a copy of their active BAR card.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Real Estate License in Missouri?

The exact time required to become a real estate agent in Missouri is determined by how quickly you complete the education and preparation courses, as these are the most time-consuming parts. The educational courses can be completed in two months or less, depending on your dedication and how quickly you want to be licensed.

The exam is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, but you will be scheduled for an examination within five business days of calling or scheduling online.

Real Estate Licensing Examinations are given by computer at four Missouri PSI test centers:

St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Jefferson City, five days a week and one Saturday a month.

You must provide a fingerprint scan for background checks, which usually take around 10 to 14 days.

Missouri Real Estate License Requirements – Final Thoughts

Becoming a real estate agent in Missouri doesn’t need to be confusing or difficult! We have simplified the process for you by outlining all the basic steps you need to follow.

If you are ready to get your Missouri real estate license, the first step is to choose a pre-licensing school. Both Colibri Real Estate School and the CE Shop can get you started.

If you are committed and make time to finish this process you can be a practicing Missouri real estate agent in under 2 months!

Do you want to know the real estate license requirements for another state? You can select another state below to learn more.

All the best in your Missouri real estate career!

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