LionDesk Reviews 2023: Pricing, Best Features & Alternatives

Is the LionDesk CRM Software the best CRM solution for real estate agents? Read our LionDesk reviews where we cover the LionDesk features, pricing, and alternative options.

Want the Quick Answer? No, the LionDesk CRM is not the best CRM for real estate agents. Based on our research and experience, the best real estate CRM available is the CHIME CRM. No one else really comes close to matching their set of robust CRM tools and features for real estate agents.

Having said that, CHIME CRM is more expensive than LionDesk (and for good reasons) so if you are on a tight budget, LionDesk might work for you.

If you’re a real estate professional, you know the importance of staying organized and keeping track of your clients. That’s where LionDesk CRM comes in. LionDesk is a powerful CRM software that will help you keep track of your clients and their information.

Select a LionDesk topic in our Table of Contents below or read our review from start to finish.

LionDesk Reviews 2022, CRM Pricing, Alternatives

In this article, we will discuss the features of LionDesk and how it can help real estate agents grow their real estate businesses. We will also compare LionDesk to some of the other popular CRMs on the market to show you why it is one of the best choices for your business.

There are dozens of different CRMs on the market, but one that consistently receives high marks from users is LionDesk. In this review, we’ll look at what LionDesk has to offer and see if it’s the right CRM for your business. Let’s take a detailed LionDesk CRM review.

LionDesk CRM Features Review

LionDesk is a cloud-based CRM designed specifically for businesses in the real estate industry. It offers a wide range of features. The topmost beneficial features for real estate agencies are as follows!

LionDesk Lead Generation

LionDesk’s Facebook ads help agents identify high-quality prospects in their database of incoming leads. Even people without any understanding of Facebook ads will have an easy and quick way to get traffic from Facebook.

The software allows users to add leads from various platforms such as RealtyClick and Zillow. LionDesk Lead Manager page may be easily connected to Facebook Ad by capturing the Lead’s contact details who clicks.

LionDesk Reporting & Analytics

With LionDesk Reports and Analytic tools, the user can generate CRM reports that track the sales source, forecast pipelines, and communications activity. Run reports showing the lead numbers for Trulia, Zillow, and automated lead imports and sales by lead sources. LionDesk lets users view sales data from various sources over a particular time interval.

Integrations by third parties

Integration helps in different processes such as lead generation, contact management, calls, business transactions, email campaigns, and websites. LionDesk integration is compatible with most other applications, including specialized business software and applications specific to Real Estate. Some widely used integration tools are included as follows.

Mobile App

LionDesk’s Mobile app enables agents to use their CRM software anywhere (software web apps). Users can utilize the CRM feature wherever they’re located — an essential advantage if they travel frequently or visit sites. LionDesk CRM features are easily accessible from its mobile application. For example, add to your marketing campaign or develop an SMS video campaign.

LionDesk Power Dialer

LionDesk Power dialers are easy to connect to actual property professionals via a simple web application. It offers several options to call – including unlimited minutes of recording and voice mail. LionDesks’ power dialing system displays your call history along with leads and contact information.

LionDesk General Features

On LionDesk’s website, you can read every aspect of a business’s performance, including the anticipated total revenue summary. Explore the tabs below to find the complete list of LionDesk features.

LionDesk Customer Service

LionDesk provides customer support by using its mobile and email services. Subscribers with prepaid Elite packages can access Priority Support which provides streamlined support.

How Much Does LionDesk Cost?

LionDesk pricing is an affordable real estate CRM especially compared to some of their alternatives. They have effortless and comfortable transaction management. There are different subscription plans for the users to avail of its services.

Here is Liondesk Pricing for their Starter, Pro+, and Elite plans when billed monthly:

LionDesk CRM plan costs

The basic plan is suitable for small businesses with limited needs, while the pro plan is more comprehensive and is designed for larger businesses. The Elite plan is the most complete package that LionDesk offers and includes all the features listed above.

LionDesk now also offers bundled pricing options that include credits for sending emails, text, and video messages:

LionDesk Bundled Pricing Plans

LionDesk is a powerful CRM designed for busy professionals. The ability to handle all of one’s business contacts, real estate properties and transactions in a single location is what it makes possible.

LionDesk also offers a wide range of features to help users stay organized and on top of their work. For example, users can set reminders for follow-up calls, schedule appointments, and track their progress on tasks.

It also works with several other third-party applications, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Dropbox.

One of the good things is that LionDesk CRMs is its focus on automation. This can save you a lot of time and ensure that your leads are constantly being contacted on time. For example, you can set up automatic Lead nurturing sequences and follow-up tasks. This can save you a lot of time and ensure that your leads are constantly being contacted on time.

LionDesk is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to streamline their workflow and get more out of their day.

LionDesk Website Review

The official website of lion desk CRM is pretty easy to use and navigate. The main menu consists of just four items – Home, Features, Industries, and About Us.

The home page provides a brief overview of the features offered by the software. The Features page contains an interactive tour of the software, which helps get to know the various features offered by lion desk CRM. The Industries page contains information on how different businesses can benefit from lion desk CRM. And finally, the About Us page contains some company information and contact details.

The website is pretty straightforward to use. However, I did find one minor issue. When I clicked on the Features page, I was taken to an error page (It happened to me Last time while reviewing it in depth). But other than that, the website was pretty smooth and easy to use.

The company’s website is simple and easy to navigate, with many exciting details about its product. There are also beneficial videos showing how CRM functions.

LionDesk also offers FAQ answers that answer customers’ common questions when buying products or joining a free trial account. LionDesk supports many customer support types, making it an essential tool for any business.

Because of its simple design, this page is easily navigable and accessible, making it a valuable resource for any businessman or real estate agent looking to improve their management skills.

LionDesk CRM Customer Service

The Customer support for real estate professionals by LionDesk is pretty good. They offer a wide range of features that are very beneficial to users, including:

  • A knowledge base that contains a wealth of information about LionDesk CRM and how to use it effectively.
  • A forum where you can ask questions and get answers from other LionDesk CRM users.
  • A blog that contains helpful tips and tricks for using LionDesk CRM.

Also, If you want some guidance in this CRM, you can quickly post on the LionDesk private Facebook group, and you’ll get instant guides from the members!

Overall, the customer support offered by LionDesk is excellent and should be able to meet the needs of most real estate professionals.

However, one area where I feel they could improve is in their response time to customer queries. People had a few questions that they submitted via the support forum, and it took a few days for them to get a response. I would have liked to see a quicker turnaround time.

LionDesk is Built for Real Estate Agents

As a busy real estate agent, you need a CRM that is easy to use and will help you stay organized.

LionDesk offers many pre-built templates that you can use to create an email or text. Plus, LionDesk integrates well with all real estate applications, so you can import and manage your contacts efficiently and quickly.

LionDesk makes your job easier by simplifying your workflows and by providing you with the tools you need to succeed. LionDesk is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to be more successful in their real estate career. Lion desk gives you the power to succeed!

Lion desk is easy to use, efficient, and helps you stay organized to focus on what’s important: your business! With LionDesk, you’ll have more time to focus on what you do best – selling homes!

Pros & Cons of using the LionDesk CRM

LionDesk Pros

LionDesk is a robust CRM used for Real Estate that offers businessmen a lot of features for a very affordable price. Its fully featured system makes it an excellent choice for those in the Real Estate industry looking for a CRM.

The data analytics are robust, and visualization is excellent, making it easy to understand your numbers.

Other than that, contacts, emails, custom phone lines, text messaging, drips, deal plans, and pipeline revenue projections are available to LionDesk users, and soon there will be a professional AI feature.

LionDesk also offers a degree of customization that allows users to change how the CRM works to fit their business model precisely. This incredible CRM is sure to streamline any business process.

LionDesk Cons

LionDesk is a great CRM, but it’s missing a robust “value add” form of drip.

The Chime Real Estate CRM is going to be a much getter option if you can afford it.

As a LionDesk user, the provided and shared drips come off as sales without much value-added for the consumer. Other CRMs in its class, such as exact and contractually, provide this. This, however, is understandable because both CRM is generally more expensive.

As a real estate agent, I’m always looking for ways to increase my productivity and efficiency. I need a robust CRM that can help me manage my business and clients. A real estate newsletter, for example, would be fantastic. This would help LionDesk users keep up with industry news and trends and provide valuable information to our clients.

LionDesk is a real estate CRM software designed for real estate professionals. It offers several features, including lead management, contact management, task management, and performance tracking.

LionDesk helps users stay organized and efficient, making it an attractive option for busy real estate professionals. However, there are also some potential downsides to using the LionDesk. For example, LionDesk is a subscription-based service, so users will need to continue to pay for it to maintain access to their data.

In addition, LionDesk is not as widely adopted as some other CRM platforms, so there may be fewer resources available for users who encounter problems.

Additionally, LionDesk may not be as robust as some of the other CRM options on the market.

Overall, LionDesk is a powerful CRM tool that can help real estate professionals to boost their productivity and effectiveness. However, before deciding whether LionDesk is the best CRM solution for your firm, you must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages.

LionDesk Reviews

According to users (LionDesk reviews), LionDesk is a powerful CRM software that will help keep track of your clients and their information. LionDesk CRM is simple to use, and it has a user-friendly interface. In 91 reviews, LionDesk CRM got a rating of 4.2.

Here are a few verified Liondesk reviews from actual customers:

LionDesk Reviews
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What Are The Best LionDesk Alternatives?

  1. Chime CRM – Best-all-in-one CRM but at a higher price. (Read Chime CRM Reviews)
  2. REDX – Best for acquiring leads through the phone (Read our REDX Reviews).
  3. Monday CRM – Gain more visibility into your sales pipeline. (Read our reviews)
  4. Pipedrive CRM – Focuses on the sales aspects of contact management. (Read this in-depth PipeDrive Review to learn more)
    • Hubspot CRM – A popular Liondesk CRM alternative that you can try for free. Check out the HubSpot review from StartingABlog to learn more.
    • Streak CRM – A CRM for Gmail. Not the most ideal real estate CRM but worth taking a look at.

    LionDesk CRM is meant to be used by various real estate agents, but it does not always mean it’s the best CRM for you. Some specific features other software web apps offer you best. You may find a particular vendor’s price, feature, or tool quite helpful. Compare LionDesk against other competitors according to your need before making a decision.

    The thing which makes the LionDesk CRM apart from others is its features and pricing. LionDesk CRM has a lot of great features at a very affordable price. And not to forget, the user interface of LionDesk CRM is very sleek and easy to use.

    You should analyze your company’s needs and requirements before choosing any real estate CRM.

    LionDesk Reviews – Final Thoughts

    Overall the LionDesk real estate CRM software is a great way to manage business customer relationships, especially in the real estate industry. The CRM is simple to use and aids in the organization of data.

    Additionally, LionDesk offers a degree of customization that allows users to change how the CRM works to fit their business model precisely.

    However, there are also some potential downsides to using LionDesk. LionDesk is a subscription-based service, so users will need to continue to pay for it to maintain access to their data.

    Additionally, LionDesk is not as widely adopted as some other CRM platforms, so fewer resources may be available for users who encounter problems. For businesses considering a CRM solution, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of using LionDesk before deciding.

    LionDesk CRM FAQs

    Does LionDesk provide leads?

    Yes, LionDesk provides leads through its marketing automation and lead capture features. With these features, you can generate leads through your website or blog and automatically add them to your LionDesk CRM.

    Additionally, you can use the lead capture feature to manually enter leads into your LionDesk CRM.

    Our favorite service for acquiring real estate leads is REDX.

    Does LionDesk have drip campaigns?

    Yes, LionDesk has drip campaigns. Drip campaigns are email marketing campaigns that send automated emails to your leads over time. With LionDesk, you can create and manage your drip campaigns directly within the CRM.

    Does LionDesk have IDX?

    Yes, LionDesk has an IDX integration. IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange and is a system that allows real estate agents to share listings. With LionDesk’s IDX integration, you can access MLS listings directly within the CRM and use them to generate leads.

    How much is LionDesk dialer?

    The LionDesk dialer is a monthly subscription service that starts at $19. The LionDesk cost includes 500 minutes of talk time and unlimited text messages. Additional minutes can be purchased for $0.015 per minute. You can check more on their official site!

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