Delaware Real Estate License Requirements & Costs

Delaware Real Estate License Requirements

In this article, we will highlight the step-by-step Delaware real estate license requirements for both salespersons and brokers.

Anyone looking to become a real estate agent in Delaware will need to meet the state’s licensing requirements and pay the associated fees.

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This article will provide a comprehensive process to follow. It is publicly known that the real estate licensing process is different from state to state. For instance, the pre-licensing course in Georgia runs for a standard 75 hours, whereas Colorado prescribes 168 hours. 

Delaware offers a 99-hour pre-licensing course. There are many more differences in the requirements, but we focus on those pertinent to Delaware. We shall break down the requirements and, later, their subsequent costs.

But before we delve into that, we need to understand a thing or two about The Delaware Real Estate Commission, which is a very central part of the real estate field in the state. 

What is the Delaware Real Estate Commission?

What is the Delaware Real Estate Commission?

The Delaware Real Estate Commission is a body that protects consumers by enforcing the Delaware Occupations and Profession’s Code for real estate. It is made up of nine members, who are appointed by the governor.

The Delaware Real Estate Commission members serve for three years. They have to be Delaware residents for five years before their nomination to be eligible to serve in the commission.

Five of the Delaware Real Estate Commission members are one licensed salesperson agent, one licensed broker, and three other licensed brokers. They are referred to as professional members.

The general public appoints the four other commission members and these become the public members. To qualify as a public member, you cannot have been licensed as a real estate professional for eight years before the nomination.

The Delaware Real Estate Commission commission meets at least once every three months, and a minimum of five members must be present to undertake any official duties.

Some of the Delaware Real Estate Commission’s duties include but are not limited to;

  • Manages the real estate licensing process entirely
  • Issues permission and license to associates or corporations who wish to work as real estate professionals in Delaware 
  • Maintains records of all licensees in the state
  • Issue disciplinary sanctions against licensees who break the real estate laws 

Delaware Real Estate License Requirements

The Salesperson real estate license applicants must be at least 18 years of age in Delaware.

They have to be of good character, with zero criminal conviction records, which could be related to the real estate practice. Once these qualifications are met, the prospective salesperson can then go through the licensing process. Here is a brief outline:

  1. Complete the 99-hour Delaware real estate pre-licensing course
  2. Pass the pre-licensing course final exam
  3. Pass the Delaware real estate salesperson state exam
  4. Select a Delaware sponsoring broker
  5. Complete the real estate license application

1. Take the 99-Hour Delaware Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

This program will help you to lay a good foundation for the real estate exam and the career ahead. It covers various real estate topics and these include;

  • Real estate orientation
  • Real estate sales
  • Real estate law
  • Real estate mathematics
  • Review for sales law. Mathematics

We recommend getting your Delaware pre-licensing through The CE Shop.

2. Pass the Delaware Real Estate Pre-licensing Course Final Exam

The major topics, which have been outlined above, will make up for the exam topics. You will be allowed to do the course final exam after completing the course materials and meeting the minimum time requirement.

To pass the Delaware pre-licensing exam you will need a minimum score of 80%.

3. Pass the State of Delaware’s Final Real Estate Salesperson Exam

First, the applicants should take their exams through the Pearson VUE website. Pearson VUE is an IT company that prepares competent tests for candidates. You can visit their web page at

The salesperson exam contains two portions, General Practice and State Law and State Law.

The first portion comprises 80 questions, whereas the second has 40 questions. The exam’s pass score is 70%.

The exam is computer-based, and it runs for four hours. The topics to be anticipated include;

  • Real property characteristics, definitions, restrictions, ownership, and transfer of it
  • Property value and appraisal
  • Real estate practice
  • Forms of ownership, transfer, and the title
  • Real estate contracts and agency
  • Property disclosures and environmental issues

The state portion centers on;

  • Licensing requirements
  • Powers and duties of the real estate commission
  • Requirements controlling the real estate activities and more.

On the date of the exam, you are required to bring two forms of identification;

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • US social security card
  • Debit or credit card 
  • A basic calculator.

After completing the exam, Pearson VUE uses a scale of 1-100 to determine the performance. Students who attain the 70 grade and above will receive information on applying for their license.

Students who fail will be given only three chances to pass both portions of the exam.

How to Pass the Delaware State Real Estate Licensing Exam?

If you have finished taking the pre-licensing exam it’s time to schedule for the state exam.

We have good news for you in that there are Delaware real estate exam prep courses that can significantly increase the odds that you will pass the state exam on the first try. We recommend the following two Delaware Real Estate Exam Prep courses:

  1. PrepAgent Delaware Exam Prep
  2. Real Estate Exam Scholar

4. Select a Delaware Sponsoring Real Estate Broker

You have to be associated with an active Delaware Sponsoring broker for you to be licensed.

They need to be a broker with a good reputation and be technologically advanced and up to date with the latest system.

5. Complete The License Application 

Licensees that have passed the exam should create an account on the DELPROS website to apply for the license.

DELPHOS allows the users to apply for licenses, pay the fee online, secure methods, print the license, renewal, and update account information.

For more information and license details, visit;

Delaware Real Estate Broker Requirements

The licensing process in Delaware is manned by the Department of State’s Division of Professional Regulation.

You have to be an actively licensed salesperson if you have to be a broker in Delaware. Three of five years specifically must have been spent in active real estate practice.

When applying, you have to submit at least thirty sales that you have done during the five years before the license application.

The steps towards getting a Delaware real estate broker license run are as follows;

  1. Complete broker course
  2. Pass the real estate broker exam
  3. Apply for Delaware broker licensure
  4. Completing the Broker course

Passing the Delaware State Broker exam

The Delaware broker exam, just like the salesperson’s, is produced and administered by Pearson VUE. It consists of 130 multiple choice questions divided into two sections; the general 80 questions and the Delaware specific question, 50.

The passing score is 70, and the candidate has four hours to complete the exam.

You schedule your exam by visiting the Pearson VUE website.

Submitting The Delaware Broker License Application

After completing your exam, you will be provided with your score report. You will be given a broker application form in case you pass the exam. Delaware real estate commission divides ‘broker’ into two categories;

  1. Associate broker – A broker who works under a supervising broker
  2. Broker – A broker who fully owns a real estate firm

When filling out the form, indicate the type of license you are applying for before signing and submitting it. Submit your application to your DELPROS account.

Once your application is received, approved, and accepted, you will be issued the license.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Delaware Real Estate License?

Now that we have established the requirements needed to acquire a real estate license in Delaware, we shall now delve into the amount of money needed for every requirement.

  • The Delaware pre-licensing course starts at about $450, depending on the state-approved school(s).
  • The exam costs up to $85 and is payable directly to Pearson VUE by debit card, electronic check, voucher, or credit card.
  • The Delaware salesperson application fee goes up to $131 paid directly through debit or credit card.

The total cost to get your real estate license in Delaware will typically be under $1,000.

State-approved Delaware real estate pre-licensing schools include the following;

The above-listed institutions provide a variety of courses, not only the 99-hour pre-licensing course. For instance, The CE Shop has been approved to provide a 99-hour Delaware Pre-licensing course, while Frederick Academy of Real Estate provides a Broker/Associate broker pre-licensing course.

The list above just shows some Delaware-approved real estate schools. For details on courses that they offer, visit their respective websites, or contact them.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Delaware Real Estate Broker License?

These fees are payable through credit or debit cards.

  • The cost for a broker course costs up to $200, depending on the provider
  • The cost for a broker exam can go up to $85 
  • The fee for a license application for an associate broker goes up to $209
  • The fee for a license application for a broker goes up to $ 228

Delaware Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

Real estate licenses, be it salesperson, broker, or associate broker, expire on April 30 or even years.

It does not count whether they are inactive or inactive status.

A renewal notice is normally sent to your email before the expiration date. Upon reception of the notice, you will be required to access your online renewal application in DELPROS through a comprehensive explanation.

Completing the application will require you to log in to your account, answer some questions, and then use a credit card to pay your renewal fee.

The Delaware real estate license renewal fee is $197. Failure to renew the license early will make you incur an additional 50% of the initial cost.

Delaware Reciprocity and Out-of-State licensees

For full details of the reciprocity requirements, visit the Delaware Real Estate Commission website. Among the requirements to apply for a salesperson license include;

  • Having an active and current license in another state or jurisdiction
  • Taking the Delaware 33-Hr. Reciprocal Real Estate Law Course
  • Attach a certificate of license history indicating how you have been licensed continuously for the previous three years

You can get your Delaware Reciprocal real estate license through The CE Shop.

Importance Of a Delaware Real Estate License:
A license in Delaware is very crucial. First, it enables you as a salesperson agent to legally earn a commission for representing buyers and sellers in the transactions. A license is necessary to represent a buyer or a seller in a real estate transaction. 

What Are Some Tips for New Delaware Real Estate Agents?

Delaware is relatively small when it comes to real estate, but like other states, there are a lot of opportunities to grow. Here are some basic ways to improve your input and earn more.

  1. Maximize social media in your marketing
  2. Improve time management
  3. Hire a brilliant assistant
  4. Work smart on networking
  5. Look for referrals
  6. Make sure your customer service is commendable
  7. Ignore the competition and work to improve yourself

Also, real estate is subject to laws and regulations, therefore keep away from committing the following violations, among other things;

  • Breaking the client’s privacy
  • Mishandling client’s money
  • Committing mortgage fraud
  • Violating the Fair Housing Laws
  • Failing to disclose required information

It is imperative to know that some violations can lead to a license denial or detrimental business sanctions.

Delaware Real Estate License Requirements – Final Thoughts

Practicing real estate in Delaware can be very lucrative if you play smart and become efficacious in serving your clients.

It is common knowledge that property appreciates, that is, value increases, and the only way to know that and realize a profit is by selling. Therefore, high marketing skills place you on a higher pedestal than your competitors.

It is the advice of successful real estate entrepreneurs and developers, ‘When you get an opportunity, sell like there is no tomorrow!’

Curious about another state’s licensing requirements? You can view the real estate license requirements for each state on our website or check out these online real estate schools and get started.

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